The relationship between oral health and nutrition

The relationship between oral health and nutrition

Foodstuffs that are considered harmful for dental health are sugary and acidic foods and substances that stick on the teeth and are not easily cleaned. It is not necessary to cut them completely but to consume them in a certain order is necessary to prevent tooth decay.

Recommended diet for dental health;

Sugary, sticky or acidic foods should be consumed in three main meals.

Between meals, apples, carrots, such as cleaning hard teeth and massaging the gums should be eaten foods.

If it is not possible to brush the teeth after eating sugary, sticky food, the mouth should be rinsed with water or a glass of water should be drunk.

Again, a piece of cheese to be thrown into the mouth after eating sugary food is extremely important in terms of removing the caries preventive effect of sugar.

Is dental caries seen more often than before?

Yeah. Especially in developing countries like us, dental caries are more common than before. This is due to the change of eating habits. Because old people were fed with hard foods, a natural cleansing of the teeth was provided. Today, with the development of the ready-made food industry, consumption of such foods has also increased. Biscuits, sugar, chocolate, cola, such as food substances that are always at hand, sticking on the teeth and acid-forming substances are considered as the main responsible for the increase in tooth decay today.

Which food items can we accept as tooth-friendly?

Proteins are the leading foodstuffs that are considered tooth-friendly. These substances, which constitute the basic building block of our body, are the foodstuffs that must be consumed both during the development of the teeth and after the teeth are applied in terms of dental health.

Cheese is a highly recommended food especially after consumption of sugary food in terms of its high protein content and its importance in dental health.

Peanut is a tooth-friendly food among snack foods because of its phosphate content.

Unrefined cereals (whole wheat brown bread instead of white flour) should be preferred for dental health.

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